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Pioneer Robot is a robotics company founded in 2017. Our Head Office is based in Hong Kong. We have developed as a leading robot distributor globally.

We have all been working in Academic, Banking and the Robotics industry for many years. We will help you find the best robotic solution for your requirements and we can even customize your own robot.

Our aim is to bring more choice to the robots market, at competitive prices.

Our Partners

DEEPRobotics (DR) Company

DR is an innovative technology company dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of high-end intelligent quadruped robots. The company's products can move on complex and dangerous environments freely and finish tasks autonomously. DR is aiming to help universities and researchers to promote teaching and research in the fields of legged robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). DR also aims to provide industrial clients, with intelligent manufacturing operations and AI solutions. DR was founded in 2017 by Professor Zhu Qiuguo and his team; working at the Department of Control Science in Zhejiang University, which is rated Top 4 in China and has a world ranking of 53 according to QS2020.

DR has launched 3 types of robotic dog named “Jueying” (JY): these include JY, JY Mini, and the JY MiniLite. DR is solely responsible for the design and production of all the robotic dogs. DR also designed its own Operating System (OS) and software for the Jueying (JY) series. DR owns more than 40 types of Intellectual property rights.



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